Do I have to be an athlete/martial artist before I join ICSA?

No. The vast majority of students have no prior martial arts experience, and many others have no prior athletic experience. They are simply looking for a way to stay in shape while learning useful self-defense skills.

Do I have to get in shape before I come?

No. Training in combatives regularly will get you in shape – whether you want to be or not.

How do I get a six pack/what happened to my body?

How your body looks and feels is a function of three things:

If one of these things is done poorly, you will not look as good as you could.

Please come in to talk more to one of your professionals.

1. Diet: What your body uses for fuel.

2. Exercise: How your body uses fuel.

3. Rest: How your body is allowed to recuperate.

If you teach "combat sports", does that mean I can’t use these in self defense?

 When showing a technique, we will explain the difference in applying it in sport and in self-defense, if there is a difference at all. These differences are few and far between, which is a conscious decision we made when building our curriculum.

 We also believe that if you can train against resisting, knowledgeable opponents, you will have no problem against an untrained assailant in a self-defense situation.

Do I have to compete?

Not at all. Competition is a personal choice. However, many people will vouch that competition is a powerful tool for learning, and a lot of fun to boot.

What if I want to compete?

Assuming you are healthy and trained appropriately, we support your decision. We hope to host competitions at least a couple times a year and help kick-start regular competitions in the Greater Bangalore area.

What kind of gear/attire do I need?

For all classes, dress athletically (t-shirt, shorts, track pants, compression gear, etc.), please do not wear anything with buttons or zippers. Please take your jewelry off before coming to class.

Basic gear for kickboxing classes includes hand wraps and boxing gloves. We have some loaner equipment, but after some time of regular attendance, we ask that students acquire their own for reasons of hygiene. When you spar, please wear a mouth guard.